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It was founded in the year 2018 with the goal of serving customers with delectable yet distinctive Malaysian cuisine.

The goal of a couple from Land Below the Wind was to introduce a unique, modern, yet authentic manner of eating nasi lemak with their own flair.

All of the restaurant’s dishes are created from scratch by the lady boss; her love and passion for cooking was one of the driving forces behind the establishment of Nasi Lemak Bamboo.

More franchise in Malaysia

There are a few new branches in both west and east Malaysia at the moment. It has made a lot of Malaysian food enthusiasts more accessible.

Our crew will prepare all of the ingredients at each outlet early in the morning, with the goal of offering fresh and delicious meals to our customers everyday. Nasi Lemak Bamboo offers a variety of Malaysian cuisine, beverages, desserts, and snacks to appeal to a wide spectrum of clients.


Delicious Food

Sotong goreng, cucur udang, and otak-otak are not the only snacks available.

Try our delectable cendol if you’re a dessert connoisseur. Breakfast is also available here, with toast, half-boiled eggs, and Hainanese coffee. The drinks and meals we are offering will not disappoint you.

The menus are continually being enhanced, and new delectable foods are being added to the table.

The stunning brilliant green and white colour scheme, as well as the kampung-styled bamboo walls, make the outlets easy to detect while driving past.

Are we "Halal"?

We’re not there yet, but we’re working hard to get there. Meanwhile, we get all of our chickens from JAKIM-certified producers.

Our management understands the significance of halal not just for religious reasons, but also for food safety reasons. We hope our clients understand that obtaining a halal designation is a time-consuming process, but we’re working with advisors to get there.

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